How to Automate Pinterest Using Tailwind App – Part A

I’m going to introduce you to a program that I use that helps me schedule my Pinterest pretty much every day and I usually schedule it for about a month in advance just to make sure that even if I’m not looking at Pinterest at the time, that there’s something behind me that is constantly pinning for me and bringing to my action and helping my Pinterest, but also the website that has the products that I’m selling, visible and active on Pinterest. That is the Tailwind App.

tailwind app

This is my Pinterest account, it’s cool and perfect and it’s for this Etsy shop that I have, which is also obviously I know on perfect prints. Basically about a year ago, I set up my Pinterest account and I had absolutely no idea how I was going to drive people from Pinterest to my Etsy shop. But I’d heard that it was the thing that I needed to do and I was like OK. I started out by which I’m going to go into way more in-depth about how to kind of layout your Pinterest, in the future.

But I started out by creating my boards that I should do and, creating pins for my Pinterest from my own products and then finding other products that are related to it and everything that everybody told me that I needed to do in order to build my Pinterest up and drive traffic from Pinterest to my shop. Then I started pinning and sure to say, it took up almost all of my time to pin as many times as I needed to pin to start seeing traction from my Pinterest to my website. And I kind of thought, this is insane. I’m spending all my time pinning and I can’t create new products. I can’t focus on anything else. This just isn’t working.

If you don’t already know, I’m very much into building passive income and using automation systems to help me make, maintaining my shops a heck of a lot easier. I went in search of a program that could help me build my Pinterest following and drive traffic to my shop that was really easy to use, that I could use, but then I didn’t have to spend all my time pinning. And that’s when I found Tailwind.

I absolutely love Tailwind App. Tailwind App helps me drive in. I’d probably say about 80% of the traffic that I myself drive in because as an Etsy shop, Etsy organically helps bring customers to my shop anyway. But the traffic that I am responsible for, that I bring in, which is also traffic that is really interested in the product that I’m selling because they found it on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever they found it. The majority of that I use Pinterest to bring into my Etsy shop and I use Tailwind to help me keep my Pinterest scheduled.

Right now I have literally just run out of pins on my Pinterest on my Tailwind that I’m pinning to Pinterest. But usually what I would do is go online and because I’ve created quite a few if I show you, actually I should have said, because I’ve already created quite a few pins that I just created, on cam from Picmonkey. Then just so I can show you how to do it yourself, when you’ve set up your Tailwind and how easy it is. I just click the extension button that it has when you use chrome and then it will tell me, do I want to schedule that pin or what do I want to do. I usually save it for later. I click the save it for later button and that they will show up in my drafts and then you can see that it’s here on my drafts and it’s ready to be pinned.

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