How to Automate Pinterest Using Tailwind App – Part B

I can choose the boards that I want to pin to and then I can pin it onto my Tailwind Scheduler. Then as the tailwind scheduler follows through, that pin will be released and I usually use a mixture of my own pins and a mixture of beautiful pins and things that are themed around the very pink and girly vibe that I have in my Etsy shop itself. And this program alone has managed to drive in, like I said, almost all of the traffic that I’m bringing from outside Etsy into my shop. As we’re talking, I get hundreds of views per month from Pinterest, tens and tens of sales from Pinterest and it literally is all down to Tailwind. I just kind of thought I want to talk to you about this program. I’m going to go into much more depth about how to use it in future videos, but I just wanted to give you the real general idea of how I’m pinning on Pinterest.

Just to sum up, I use Tailwind. I connect it to my Pinterest account and then it allows me to choose how many pins I want to schedule, what times of the day I want to schedule them, what pins I want to schedule and I just fill up my schedule on Tailwind and then I just let it run and it will release those onto Pinterest throughout the month. It just basically keeps your pins active and busy that you know you’re releasing new pin. You are releasing other pins that really resonate with your brand and with the product that you’re trying to sell and it just makes building Pinterest so much easier.

Pinterest doesn’t stop you from having personal interaction because it means then that when you are free and available to go on to Pinterest that you’re not spending all of your time constantly pinning and trying to find stuff and going back and every day doing that. You can actually interact with the people that are messaging you or leaving comments on your pins. You can help people if they’ve got questions that they have left on your pins. You can make sure that everything looks beautiful and organized and you can just keep on top of everything. So much banner knowing that there’s a program in the background that is actually ticking away to release your new pins and new products that you have and some months you might decide that you want to release more pins because it’s perhaps a more quiet time of the year for your product. You need it to be a bit more visible and then other times you can use Tailwind to reduce it down and just release a few pins a day. It’s completely up to you.

But if you’re not using a pinning program, but you want to take Pinterest really seriously, then I definitely suggest you do you look at and use Tailwind Schedule because it literally has just made driving traffic to my Etsy shop and indeed my blog as well. It’s how I drive most of my traffic to my blog so much easier. It’s so quick to set up. It’s so easy to set up and it just makes, like I said, bringing an audience to whatever you’re selling, just so much easier. I hope that’s helpful and as I said, I’m going to be doing more articles about Tailwind Scheduler and how Tailwind can help you in the future.

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