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Instagram Bot

One of the most important tools you as an entrepreneur, a marketer, any self-starting business owner should learn and that is Instagram automation. Instagram Bot, if used correctly it could be used to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, your songs, your YouTube videos or Facebook pages, whatever, for free. We’re going to be going over what is an Instagram bot, what programs should I be using, and is it worth using Instagram automation in 2018. So let’s get started:

What is an Instagram bot?

The Instagram bot is just a piece of software that will like, comment, and follow on behalf of you. Like this, if you really wanted to get your Instagram followers up, you could sit on your phone all day and you can like, comment, follow, like, comment, follow all day, 24 hours a day until you hit Instagram limits of eight hundred followers per day. Problem with that nobody has that amount of time, and nobody can stay that consistent.

Instagram Bot

That’s where the Instagram Bot comes in, now you have a program that’s gonna do all these things for you. It’s gonna like comment and follow so the idea is instead of just staring at your phone all day being on Instagram we get a computer program to do the hard work for us.

Pretty cool? well, it is, and if done correctly you could be gaining up to 50 to 200 new followers every day on autopilot just by plugging your Instagram account into this program.


So where do I find this software and what programs should I be using?

Well, I’m gonna recommend a couple of my favorites: Two of them that I actually use in a couple more that I’ve heard to work fantastically as well.

Alright, So, First on the list is: Jarvee (jay-ar vee) and what’s so great about Jarvee is that it isn’t just for Instagram, but it also automates things like your Twitter, your YouTube, your Facebook posts all in one place. Now, this is your basic automation software. The only downside to this and is a window only based application and it needs to be on your computer at all times. I don’t personally use this software but I’ve been and great things about it.


Second up, we have my favorite Mass planner, so Mass planner is incredibly easy to use interface. It works incredibly well, this is what I personally use. The only problem is, it doesn’t exist anymore. Well, technically, so Mass Planner shut down last year and it’s an only referral. The only way you could use this service is if somebody refers to you the link. Its pattern is by far the most superior Instagram automation software and if you’re serious about your Instagram games it’s the one you’re gonna want to use. So, if you want the referral link, I will share it with you.

Just comment below, comment “I’m in” and leave a positive comment and I must DM you the link to reference for you to use it.

The next Instagram automation, it’s also another program that I highly recommend. I use it as well and that is FollowLiker. So FollowLiker is a more advanced Instagram automation service. The interface is really ugly. If I’m honest, it’s kind of hard to get into using but once you learn how to use it, it pretty much does what you tell it to do if you tell fall like your to go in and comment on someone’s posts it will do. If you tell it to like, it will do it. If you tell it to follow unfollow, it will do it. So it’s for sure worth learning and that’s why we’re gonna dive into it and see what the basic overview of it looks like. I plug in my account and show you a little about what this looks like.

I’m gonna talk about some of the downsides of the FollowLiker.

One, it has to be running on a computer 24/7. So, for me, I use a virtual private server which is essentially a server you rent out in another country. You basically rent to somebody else’s computer. And I rent it so I could run FollowLiker 24/7 so the program is always liking following and following its automation cycles. I’m gonna leave a link to the VPS I use below so you could take a look and see if it’s for you.

FollowLiker here cost money. I pay a one-time fee of $100 and now I think it’s a monthly fee of $5 for customer service and things like that. Once again, you’re going to be getting massive results with this program, 50 to 200 followers per day, I would extremely say it’s worth. Way cheaper than running Facebook Ads. But, if you’re on a tight budget it’s something you might want to consider.

Is this worth using in 2018? 

Now we need to decide, is this Instagram Bot worth implementing in your business? or your brand? My opinion: The answer is YES.

Alright, well, believe it or not, every celebrity is doing it! So what somebody told me to do is go to Chris Brown’s Instagram account and type in “Chris Brown” so you type in Chris Brown and you’re gonna see accounts like Chris Brown fans one, Chris Brown fans two, Chris Brown fans three, Chris Brown fans Australia, and guess what, they’re all fake accounts created by Chris Brown’s team to go and use this automation software’s to go like comment and create engagement on his photos. My opinion: It’s just part of the culture and it’s an extra step you got to do to get your stuff seen.

Now here’s what you should not be doing with this software you should not just be plugging it in and not uploading content. You should not be depending on this software. This is just a way for you to get your content seen. Now your content still has to be good. It still has to be good, so if you’re, you know posting pictures you know a selfie every single day and you’re just putting it in this program expecting to get 120 followers it’s not gonna happen.

You still have to have quality content, but this can help you get your stuff seen. So what I’m saying is, if you learn how to use this program the right way and take the time to use the Instagram bot correctly as the professionals do, you’re gonna see massive amounts of engagement, you’re gonna see massive results, new followers tons of free traffic to your website and it can be utilized in a really powerful way.


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