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A Pinterest bot is a Pinterest tool that completely automates Pinterest activities with options for auto-following and the auto-scheduling of posts for successful marketing.

These tools are worth investing because it increases one’s visibility in Pinterest hence more organic traffic, aid in the generation of increased backlinks, and the enhancement of online connection through invites of potential clients to your board.

However, before purchasing a Pinterest bot, you need to get the basics right.


What Are the Features of The Best Pinterest bot ?

It should:

  • Possess complete automation options for auto-scheduling posts and auto following
  • Disseminate content
  • Manage several Pinterest accounts under one platform
  • Increase the appealing nature of posts
  • Have growth and performance analytics which are transparent and concise.
  • Automatically pause and resume queues during emergencies
  • Connect to other social media accounts

Top-rated Pinterest Bots

1. Jarvee

Jarvee is the best and powerful tool for Pinterest for complete automation of several social accounts including YouTube and Facebook as well as increasing free follower traction and brand performance.

It enables users to schedule pins and posts in different social medial accounts’ campaigns, automatically follow and unfollow fans with much easy, and promote the authenticity of their Pins using the Watermarking Pins to reach a wider Pinterest audience.

What is more striking is that the pinners can use the hashtag keywords, growth analytics and performance statistics from the advanced scrapping tool to discover the most recent and trending content.


Jarvee has a 5- free trial version after which you can upgrade to any of these packages which suits you best:

  • Starter Pack- up to ten social accounts for $ 19.99.
  • Professional Version- up to seventy social accounts for $49.99.
  • Premium Plan- up to one hundred and fifty social accounts for $69.99.


2. FollowingLike

FollowingLike is a bot for Pinterest which is similar to Jarvee because it uses the Pinterest automation software to grow your Pinterest fan base as per your tastes and preferences.

It also allows complete automation of not only your Pinterest accounts but also your other social media account. In this case, pinners can follow and follow followers to track the trend of the follow by the follower to the following ratio as well as autosave pins for future repining.

Moreover, the Pinterest Share Pins aid in increasing user engagement and activity through like, unlike, pin and comment sections.


Currently, it is a Pinterest tool with no free trial versions. However, it has reasonable and cheaper pricing for a 3-day free trial version from as low as $7 for one account. Contrary, users can opt for a one-time fee payment of $126.


3. Pinterest booster

It is a tool for Pinterest which Pinners can use to upscale digital marketing to another level, content exposure as well as authority over Pinterest activities such as repping, likes, pinning, and comments.

Pinterest booster prides of its good interface with easy to use set up and the nine different modules.


One can opt for $49.99, $79.99, and $ 99.99 payments for three, six and a year respectively.


In need of Pinterest tools for a top-notch business competitive edge? Purchase one of the best bots for Pinterest and get your brand at the top. However, one should try out the free trial

For me, Jarvee have worked the best and I continue using it for over a year now, growing my Pinterest, and my Instagram accounts organically. Click Here to know more about Jarvee and our JARVEE REVIEW.

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