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Pinterest Bot or Boost

If you arrived here you obviously know that Pinterest is a great growth tool for any website or a source of free traffic for affiliate offers and brands. A Pinterest bot is one of the best Pinterest tools out there. it allows you to automatically follow/unfollow people easily and completely automatically. A better Pinterest bot would give you the complete automation options with auto scheduling your posts and auto-following.

No matter what tool you chose to use, keep in mind that some things shouldn’t be automated, comments, for example, would repeat itself very fast and would get your account suspended for misuse.

Pinterest Bots

1) Jarvee – this tool allows you not only to follow and unfollow users, it also allows you to schedule posts in different campaigns for your account. It has a free trial version for the first 5 days of use, it just enough to start seeing growth before paying for anything. Jarvee reviews have been very good, and this is currently by far the best tool in the industry as a Pinterest bot or practically any other social network bot.


2) FollowingLike – just like Jarvee this tool allows you to automate Pinterest followers with a Pinterest automation software. Unlike any other tool with FollowingLike, you are purchasing the software and can use it for as long as the company will operate. With this one time fee, you can set your auto-follower and forget. there is no free trial at the moment, but prices start as low as 7$ for an account.


3) Pinterest booster – at the time of writing those words, this tool has not yet to receive any reviews of use and I’m not sure about their ability to perform.

I would suggest going with the other 2 options, but if you want to try all the available tools, feel free to try this Pinterest automation service as well.

In Conclusion

With all of the above there are testing trials version, even if not free, I advise testing the service before committing to any of them.

For me, Jarvee have worked the best and I continue using it for over a year now, growing my Pinterest, and my Instagram accounts organically. Click Here to know more about Jarvee and our JARVEE REVIEW. 

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