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Pinterest Scheduler

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

What Are Scheduling Tools?

Pinterest automation is one of exceptional Pinterest marketing techniques pinners use to create high-quality content and drive massive free traffic to their websites. As such, Pinterest offers multiple automation tools among them being tools like Pinterest scheduler to aid in multiple social network connections as well as content and time management.

Benefits of Pinterest Scheduler

  • Provides scheduling option for up to 300 Pins in depending on the client’s specific dates, time, and pinning frequency.
  • Offers content to you by selecting Pins with utmost priority without any involvement of human touch for you to post.
  • Saves time hence users concentrate on innovative and premium contents- can schedule pins for the whole month in the shortest time possible.
  • Suitable for all budgets- Users can enhance their site efficiency, pinning experience, and get a wider audience by choosing Pinterest Scheduler free or paid Scheduler plan options for as low as a monthly fee of $12.

Best Pinterest Scheduler Tools with free Trials

1. Tailwindapp Pinterest scheduler

It is a Pinterest Post scheduler which requires the installation of an extension to perform pin scheduling of content even for the entire month through few clicks. One can also post to several boards with lots of ease. At the moment, it is scheduler with the highest convenience levels and rankings as per the clients’ reviews. You can check out our extensive review of tailwind here!


  • The Tailwind analytics equips pinners with trend performance statistics regarding the number of followers, likes, comments, repins and shares.
  • Informs users on the right time to schedule pins when user activity and engagement is at its peak. This translates to more content exposure to the target audience.
  • Easy to use and legit partner with the Pinterest market developer- has guide tutorials which be easily downloaded from its website. Hardcopy tutorials are also available.
  • Amazing Tailwind Tribes feature- facilitates content collaboration with other collaborators within your niche to reach higher numbers of your potential customers.
  • Saves time since it can schedule pins for the whole month in the shortest time possible. Instead, users get more time to concentrate and create innovative and premium contents.
  • Provides free trial account for the first 100 scheduled Pins. However, one can still use Tailwind Tribes to directly pin content on the website without any fee after the free trial period expires but not schedule your posts anymore. Further, the starter pack plan for $9.95 with only 1 Pinterest account and the professional version of $ 799.95 for agencies are available.


  • Connects Pinterest to Instagram accounts only.

2. Buffer Pinterest scheduler

Buffer is a Pinterest Pin Scheduler which uses the Chrome extension to enables content scheduling when browsing up to 1000 years and posting of content to all social media accounts simultaneously.


  • Huge traction driver -suggests the perfect times to pins in regards to the overall Pinners activity.
  • Buffer analytics tracks followers’ engagement and interaction as well as the pin and board performance metrics.
  • Enables scheduling of diverse schedules for every social media account
  • Provides free account for managing three social accounts. Moreover, Buffer Pro Version has a 7-day free trial and can support a maximum of eight social accounts.
  • Presence of an inbuilt photo and video editing tool for acing Pinterest experience.


  • Inability to offer content for Pinterest thus the necessity of another social media account to get content updates of your preference.
  • One cannot upload several images at once.

3. Hootsuite Pinterest scheduler

Hootsuite enables the management of content on Pinterest as well as in several social networks like Twitter and Instagram concurrently.

Its use is more complicated than Buffer but it is the best for enlarging the Pinterest audience and brand awareness.

Moreover, it has a 30-day free trial version after which you can upgrade to the Professional version for $ 29 each month for auto-scheduling purposes.

4. IFTT+ Google Calendar Pinterest scheduler

It is an exceptional Pinterest pin scheduler which is perfect for creating numerous Google calendar entries for free scheduling forever.

IFTT works by using pin addition to Google Calendar option to enable the automation of vast content sources directly to the Pinterest profile at your preferred specific time and date.

This tool is more fun to use because reposting of pins to different boards from other social networks such as RSS Feed, Instagram and WordPress is possible. Pinners can also optimize their content through the use of to find relevant group boards of their specialty where they can share content.


Are you ready to start pinning and skyrocket your Pinterest marketing? Pinterest schedulers are the perfect automation tools for you; choose the best scheduler that befits your budget and needs and you will be amazed by the countless benefits it unlocks.

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