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Pinterest Scheduler

Pinterest is a huge source of free traffic after you find the best Pinterest scheduler, and your best Pinterest bot, you might find out, that even though the bot can do the Pinterest scheduler job, the dedicated scheduler does its job much better.

A good Pinterest scheduler gives you the option to schedule your posts for a 100, or even 300 pins ahead.
while tools to automate your posts pop up here and there, there is nothing like a human touch when selecting your pins, a good scheduler would offer you content but won’t post it for you.
but if it finds your content for you, it might take less than an hour to set up your pins for an entire month!

while some of the tools are completely free, paying as little as 12$ a month might get you far faster pinning experience.

Free Pinterest Scheduler Trials

1) Tailwindapp – By far the most convenient Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind allows you with a few click to schedule a whole month of content, assuming you are on a main niche on Pintrest. Tailwind also have the amazing feature of tribes, where you can “join forces” with other Pinterest users to enlarge your Pinterest audience.

Tailwind free trial includes 100 scheduled pins, and when it ends, you can still use the main feature of the tailwind tribes for free. The only downside of tailwind is not Pinterest related at all, and its the fact that you can only connect it with your Instagram account, and not with rest of the social networks like the 2 other tools in this list. if you consider using tailwindapp, start with reading our tailwindapp review.

2) Buffer – with buffer you can post to all social accounts at the same time, or schedule a different schedule for each of your social networks. The downside of buffer is that it does not offer you content for Pinterest. you need to add another social account and through that account, you can get the content feed of your choice. Buffer offers free account to manage 3 social accounts, but the free version for the Pinterest posting is only for 7 days.

3) Hootsuite – a bit more complicated tool than Buffer but still gives you the same control over posting on multiple social networks at the same time. Hootsuite has a free first 30 days and after that you need to pay for you auto scheduling.

Free Pinterest Scheduling Tool (Forever)

IFTTT + Google Calendar – IFTTT allows you to automate posting from a lot of sources directly to your Pinterest account, by adding pins to your google calendar to the time you want to post them, you can schedule your pins forever for free, but this way you need to create multiple google calendar entries manually unlike the other tools which offer to generate the content for you or at least give you ideas on what content to publish.

Even if you decided to choose a paid Pinterest schedulers, IFTTT can help you by reposting from your wordpress, rss feed, or any other way you want. For example, I’m using my IFTTT to post to different boards according to the hashtags I put on my Instagram account. In this way, I save time and get more content on my Pinterest boards.

After you have automated your account its time to find some group boards you can use. a group board, is a board that a few profile collaborate on the creation of the content on it. You can find some group boards through, and by searching your niche leaders boards for group boards. When clicking on a group board you can see it has multiple collaborators.

If you finished setting up your scheduler be sure you have your Pinterst bot ready as well. After all that, you are ready to go!

It is valuable to know about Pinterest Schedulers because of the Time it will save you. To learn more about Pinterest Automation, Click Here

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