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FollowingLike is one of the only tools in the industry that like Jarvee, supply you with a full automation of all possible social networks. After reading the FollowingLike review I advise you to read also the Jarvee review.

What is FollowingLike?

FollowingLike is a small company that registered their domain about 2 years ago, but they also have a twitter automation software named that was registered 6 years ago.

While FollowingLike is less known, does have plenty of reviews so we can see they are the real deal.

FollowingLike started off as a solution only for Twitter automation, but they developed along the years the Pinterest automation, Instagram automation, Facebook automation, and some other social networks.

The main focus of this Pinterest automation software is growing your follower’s audience organically.
it can do follow, unfollow according to your choosing, and also allows you to publish all of your posts from within the software.

With FollowingLike you can have the job of a few employees following and unfollowing and posting for you on all social media channels.

Main Features

Pinterest Follow Users – Auto-follow users; follow a user’s followers/following, users discussing a topic (by keywords/hashtags), by location/language, a custom list of users (your own list); Follow back your followers; Follow by the follower to following ratio…
Pinterest Follow/Unfollow Boards – Auto-follow/unfollow the searched boards base on the keywords you input.
Pinterest Share Pins – Keep your Pinterest profiles active, engaging and interesting. Automatically share pins/photos to your Pinterest accounts directly from your computer; Schedule pin sharing; Limit pin sharing…
Pinterest Search Pins – Search pin base on the keywords you input.
Pinterest Search Boards – Search boards base on the keywords you input and use by other modules.
Additional Features

Followinglike also supports most of those features across multiple social networks, if you need any other automation solution, check their website for more info.


FollowingLike Trial

Unlike any other automatic solution that I’ve encountered FollowingLike has a one-time payment for their software, for life! Which means that once you purchase this software you would never need to spend more money on automating your Pinterest.

For testing users, FollowingLike adds a trial version that cost 7$ for the first 3 days. In my opinion, 3 days is enough to check out the feature if you set the time for it upfront.


Is FollowingLike Safe? Is FollowingLike a Scam?

No, it does not seem like FollowingLike is a scam, they provide full support (although slow…), and help you with any of your needs. It looks like there is a real company behind FollowingLike working on improving their products over time. It is safe to use this automation software, but at your own risk, which means, yes you can run multiple Pinterest accounts on this software, even without setting up a proxy (that’s another story…).

But if you use too many followings or posting in one day, you might get banned, I advise to start slow with around 3-5 followers per operation, every 20 minutes, if that was Chinese for you, you will get it once you will watch our detailed setup video about FollowingLike and how to use it.

About the safety of other social networks with multiple accounts, you might need to set up a proxy, contact FollowingLike support to understand how to do it.

FollowingLike Reviews

Adam FollowingLike Review

Adam FollowingLike Review

“I have been a client of FollowingLike for quite a while now and LOVE every aspect of it. The features are so easy to use and the support that is provided is outstanding. The value for money this software provides is simply astonishing.”



Andy FollowingLike Review

Andy FollowingLike Review

“I’ve used it for a few weeks, then there was an interruption in the service for a few days as it was still in beta testing, I was checking every hour to see if it’s back on, couldn’t believe I could manage without it before.”

Andy Green



Mike FollowingLike Review

Mike FollowingLike Review

“FollowingLike helped me save hours and hours each day, it’s like having a personal assistant 24h/day & 7 days/week on call. It doesn’t complain and does exactly what I tell it to do at the times I specified. How amazing is that?”

Mike Leroy

In Conclusion

FollowingLike is by far the cheapest automating bot out there for Pinterest, you should definitely give it a try if you look to automate your Pinterest needs.


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