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jarvee review

Since Jarvee is the tool of my choice when it comes to operating my Pinterest bot, I have decided to give a detailed Jarvee review.

What is Jarvee?

Jarvee is the most known Pinterest automation bot, it gives you Complete Automation for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.

Jarvee is trying to be an all in one solution for all automation needs, they are branding themselves as a social media scheduler, which means that it automates all your social needs like scheduling pins and posts, and automatically follow unfollow services.

The main focus of this software is growing your followers’ audience organically.
with Jarvee it is possible to make the job of a small marketing team, automating your accounts across multiple social networks.


Main Features

Schedule posts on all social platforms – Use Jarvee to schedule all your social media updates on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can schedule your posts on your Social Profiles, Groups you belong to or Pages you manage.

Facebook Complete Automation – Group Finder, Joiner and Unjoiner, Invite and AutoAccept members in groups, RSS feeds import, Clickable Image Posts, Auto Share Posts and more.
Twitter Complete Automation – Auto Follow, FollowBack and Unfollow, Auto Favorite, Re-Tweet
Google+ Complete Automation – Group Finder, Joiner and Unjoiner, Auto Follow and Unfollow
Instagram Complete Automation – Auto Follow, FollowBack and Unfollow, Auto Like and Comment Photos
LinkedIn Complete Automation – Group Finder, Joiner and Unjoiner, Group Joiner and UnJoiner
Pinterest Complete Automation – Auto Follow, FollowBack and Unfollow, Auto Repin, Auto Comment
Tumblr Complete Automation – Auto Follow and Unfollow, Auto Like, Reblog

Additional Features

Jarvee also has the capability of discovering new content with their advanced scraping tool. They can hashtag keywords in your posts, and provide you with growth algorithms and statistics.

Jarvee Free Trial

The Jarvee free trial is for 5 days and allows you to install and operate the Pinterest automation software for free.
after 5 days you can choose the pricing plan best fitting for you between the starter pack for 19.95$ with up to 10 social accounts, the professional version with up to 70 social accounts for 49.95$ and the premium version with up to 150 social accounts for 69.95$.

I believe this 5 days trial is enough to test Jarvee and understand if it fit you, and even if its not the case, 19.95$ is a fair price for growing 1000 followers a month or more.

Is Jarvee Safe? Is Jarvee a Scam?

Jarvee is not a scam, I’ve been using Jarvee for over 6 months now with amazing results that worth every penny I paid them.

It is safe, not idiot proof safe, but safe, it means don’t expect the social networks not catch up if you end up using Jarvee for commenting the same comment every time you comment and therefore suspend your account.

It’s also not safe if you are using multiple facebook accounts, but for Pinterest, I’ve been running over 6 accounts with one Jarvee installation with no issues.

Jarvee Reviews

Raul’s Jarvee Review

“If you are a community manager, you MUST use Jarvee. It’s the best program I’ve ever used for managing all your social accounts.
My company specializes in managing Instagram accounts and helping our clients gain followers. After using this program, I’ve been able to expand my number of clients and give them even better results. I rarely leave reviews but I’ve decided to create this Jarvee Review to show my appreciation.

Raul Jarvee User Review

Using Jarvee you can easily gain up to 8k followers per month, something that’s impossible doing on your own! And better yet, you can manage unlimited accounts!
I have nothing but good words and excellent experience from using this software, besides, the guys from tech support are very nice!

Thanks, Jarvee
Raul Quintero

Edgar’s Jarvee Review

“My review will not be about how good software is etc. Because I really do not know much about it. I just used twitter module for 2-3 days and It worked perfectly. It did its job in a very effective way. It took me 1 min to start to use the software.

Edgar Jarvee user Review
Edgar Jarvee Review

I will write about something else here: These guys are awesome. I still cannot believe their positive attitude. There came an issue while buying the software, it was resolved quickly and in return, although they did not need to, they offered a free module. They were kind and helpful.

Whenever I asked something, I got my answer quickly In return, today bought 3 copies of Jarvee. One for myself and 2 for my friends after seeing how they treat their customers. During the first days of my online adventure, I was after cheap deals. By the time, you start to realize that support is more important than the price. Thanks to the team of Jarvee. ”


Ella’s Jarvee Review

Ella Jarvee user Review
Ella Jarvee Review

“It was soooo easy to set up, I thought it would take some time to get used to it, but to my surprise, in 4 minutes I was ready to go. So I jumped right into searching more stuff to post. Mass Planner is a great time saver, thanks, guys !”

Ella Morgan

In Conclusion

Jarvee is by far the best automating bot out there for Pinterest, you should definitely give it a try if you look to automate your Pinterest needs.

I give this Jarvee 4.5 stars since their auto-scheduler is complicated a bit, but still usable.

Jarvee Score:

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