Pinterest Automation – How to Automate Pinterest

Pinterest Automation

At the time of writing this words, Pinterest has over 800 Million visitors a month, and almost 200 million active users. and only about 40% of those users are US residents, which means Pinterest is a huge traffic source for any affiliate promoter or a brand store. Pinterest Automation remains the easiest way to grow a Pinterest account.

Today I’ll teach you how to automate your Pinterest profile to grow with minimum effort from your side.

While this system will get you followers and visits to your site (or the sites you promote), it’s up to you on deciding how to monetize your Pinterest profile and earn money from it.

Free Pinterest Automation

I’ll start with some of the free tools, or tools that have free trials:
1) IFTTT – if you haven’t learned about IFTTT until now you should definitely start a user today and see how you can automate some of your social networks aspects.

IFTTT has tools to repost from your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even use it to schedule your posts from google calendar, although this option is more time to consume, while the rest is automated completely. This solution will probably remain free forever.

2) Tailwind – Tailwind is one of the best tools out there to automate your scheduling for Pinterest (or Instagram). In a few minutes, tailwind can help you to schedule up to 100 posts in the free trial version.

You just search in tailwind for posts according to subjects and pin to your Pinterest profile schedule. In minutes, you can have a month worth of pins. Tailwind also has a feature called “tribes” with those tribes you can join similar profiles tribes and reshare their content, most tribes require to share posts to get your posts shared but this really helps in getting more exposure for your pins.

Tailwind is not a Pinterest automation software, you just need to install the extension to be able to use it easily for scheduling from the web (instead of pinning from the web). It also allows you to post to multiple boards easily.

Tailwind gives you a Free account for the first 100 posts, after that, you can still use the tribes and pin directly from the website, but it doesn’t schedule your posts anymore.

3) Buffer – this tool allows you to easily schedule posts for the next 1000 years. With buffer, you can add specific websites to your feed, and as new content is published you can share it on your Pinterest boards.
you can schedule your own posts through buffer too. the best feature of buffer is it allows you to manage all your social profiles in one spot including twitter, FB, google+, Instagram, and probably more in the future.

Buffer is free only for the first 7 days, or if you are using only FB/TwitterGooglee+ you can use it for free for an unlimited time, for up to 3 different accounts, the paid version supports up to 8 accounts.

4)  Jarvee– Although I put this tool only on number 4, this is by far the most important tool to grow your audience quickly by automate Pinterest follow unfollow. Jarvee automates Pinterest followers and grows your audience of like-minded people completely automatically.

With this feature, you follow people for a few days, and Jarvee automatically unfollows them. Using Jarvee allows you also to schedule posts but I have found this feature harder to operate, and I kept using tailwind and buffer for that feature.

jarvee review
jarvee review

Jarvee is a Pinterest automation software you need to install on your computer or build a dedicated server for it (for the easy user, let us keep with the software), Jarvee also allows 5 days of free trial.

5) Hootsuite – with Hootsuite you can schedule your pins like on buffer. It allows you to post to all your social account at once, it also searches for the content to post.

Buffer is a bit easier to use than Hootsuite, but its worth it as they give more features, and a slightly easier management features for multiple accounts.


Hootsuite has a free trial of 30 days, after which the service cost 20$ for the minimum account.

Bonus Tip For Pinterest Users

Pinterest – yes this is not automated software but you should use things like their guide on creating great pins:
or some of the most popular pins currently:

All those options, especially the automate Pinterest follow unfollow feature by Jarvee, would allow you to gain free Pinterest followers easily.  while you might be paying for the automation service when the free trial is over, it would still help you to get practically free Pinterest followers. In my successful accounts, I’ve reached 6k followers a month using Jarvee. Calculating Jarvee monthly payment even adding buffer on it (which I use) I paid a total of 43$ a month which is, 0.007$ per follower.

Dead Automation Tools

Massplaner – people still mention it in many places, massplaner reviews are swarming out there but, the service of this Pinterest automation software is discontinued. While the mass planer reviews were good mostly, it did not give any different service than Jarvee, or FollowingLike.

It may seem like a lot already but wait until you learn about the best schedulers there is! Know more about the BEST PINTEREST SCHEDULER HERE

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