The Best Pinterest Bots: Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Network Today

Do you want to improve your Pinterest marketing strategies? Do you want to reach a wider audience? Smart Pinterest marketers use Pinterest bots to increase Pinterest marketing efficiency. This is all you need to know about Pinterest bots.

What is a Pinterest Bot?

A Pinterest bot is an automated app that automates Pinterest activity to make marketing more effective by:

  • Scheduling pins
  • Increasing Pinterest marketing fan base
  • Providing auto unfollow and comment tools to save time
  • Managing multiple Pinterest accounts under one platform
  • Enhancing Pinterest marketing safety

Pinterest bots have made marketing easier but how do you know that a Pinterest bot is the best?

How to Evaluate a Pinterest Bot

A good Pinterest bot should be able to serve its intended purpose. The best Pinterest bots should be able to automate Pinterest activities.

  • It should disseminate content.
  • Pinterest bots should make posts look more attractive.
  • It should also be able to pause and resume queues during emergencies automatically.
  • Pinterest bots should be able to analyses your posts performance.
  • It should be able to connect different social media accounts.

The Best Pinterest Bots

Tailwind App

Tailwind is an application designed for Pinterest marketing. It simplifies social media marketing processes. Do you want to become a power pinner? Tailwind app helps Pinterest marketers to schedule pins. It will give you a better Pinterest experience and inspire you for greatness.

How Tailwind Improves Pinterest Marketing

This is how Pinterest works:

  • Marketers understand the vitality of scheduling pins. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins with a few clicks. You need to get the Tailwind browser extension available in Chrome and Firefox. It will help you schedule pins from any website.
  • Tailwind app tells you the best time to pin. You can never miss your audience. It analyses the time that most of your audience is active and the time that your pins get the most clicks. You can set up pin schedules spanning for more than a week.
  • Tailwind saves you time by enabling you to schedule many pins at once. The steps are simple; click on your picture, schedule, add them to the board you want and queue them
  • The tailwind interval timing feature increases content exposure. You can integrate interval pinning with auto-queue, and your work will automatically be done. The time intervals depend on you. You can set your desired time interval between pins.
  • Tailwind analytics help you to check your best-performing pins and boards. They also monitor your followers. They help you to find your audience tastes and monitor your domain traffic.
  • Do you want Pinterest RSS feed management? Tailwind app is what you need. It will help you to select your best blogs and build personal feeds. Content optimization and content promotion is easy with Tailwind

Tailwind pricing is affordable even for small firms. Its available in three forms:

  • The Plus plan- It costs $ 15 billed monthly and $ 9 for annual, monthly billings. It’s a single account with basic profile metrics and a week history archive enabled.
  • The professional plan- It costs $ 799 a month. It’s effective for large brands. It offers features like collaboration, brand monitoring, measures return on investment. It’s also capable of managing many accounts.
  • The enterprise scheme- This is the advanced tailwind app plan with unlimited options and features. It has unlimited history archive and collaborators.

Check on more tailwind reviews to confirm that Tailwind is the best Pinterest bot.


Buffer App


Pinterest marketing can be tiresome if you choose to do everything manually. The chances are that you won’t be able to perfect everything without the use of a Pinterest bot. Buffer app is a Pinterest bot that automates all your Pinterest activities.

How Does Buffer App Work?

  • Buffer app allows you to manage multiple Pinterest accounts for free or for a fee for unlimited features. You can share a pin across different social media accounts in a single click.
  • It allows you to set your schedule and receive reminders in the order you like. This is made easy by the queue button the buffer app.
  • You can integrate buffer app with any app. You can update pins on buffer app from any app on your computer or device.
  • In cases of emergencies, the buffer app has an option of pausing queues.
  • It increases content exposure by allowing you to re-pin. Re-pins often reach a wider audience.
  • Buffer app uses its analytics to inform you on the performance of your pins or boards. With such information, you can decide to major only on your best-performing pins categories.

Use buffer app to automate Pinterest and experience the benefits above.



Jarvee is a Pinterest bot that automates your accounts and boosts your Pinterest marketing performance. It gives you a 5-day free trial to determine whether it suits you before going on to purchase it. Jarvee can connect all your social media platforms. It costs $ 19.99.

What Are the Jarvee Features That Automate Pinterest

  • Scheduling Pins-Jarvee enables you to queue your pins on your boards for as long as you wish.
  • Auto Re-Pin-you can re-pin your best-performing pins automatically on your board with Jarvee
  • Video Pins-interestingly, Jarvee not only allows you to pin images but also it allows you to pin videos to optimize traffic on your site.
  • Watermarking Pins-it ensures that re-pins of your authentic pins by other marketers appear with your name as the content creator. This is a good way to expose your content to another people’s audience.
  • URL Shortening- Don’t worry about clogging messages. Jarvee automatically shortens URL for all your posts. Shortening makes URL look better.




FollowingLike automates Pinterest marketing by enabling you to follow, unfollow, like, unlike, pin comments, autosave pins and re-pin them. FollowingLike updates are free, and they can connect all your Pinterest accounts. It has reasonable pricing. You only pay a onetime fee of $126!

Why Jarvee and Tailwind for Pinterest is a Perfect Combination

Using Jarvee and Tailwind for Pinterest can maximize your benefits in Pinterest marketing by:

  • Jarvee is a powerful tool for influencing the audience. Using Jarvee will increase the number of followers. That exposure is what you need to become successful in this niche.
  • Tailwind for Pinterest has features like the Tailwind Tribes. Your posts can be shared to a collective audience. You can also access analytics and improve your marketing strategies.

Why Use Pinterest Bots for your website?

With over 150 million monthly visitors, Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing websites in the world. What are you waiting for? Use Pinterest bots for your website to boost your social signals. Below are the reasons why you should use Pinterest for your website and business.

  • Pinterest will help you improve your social signals and hence more organic views.
  • Pinterest will help you build an online connection which will, in turn, bring more profits.
  • With Pinterest, you will be able to generate more backlinks.

A good Pinterest bot should automate all the major Pinterest activities. All the Pinterest bots above have free trial options. You can upgrade to premium services if they service your need. Don’t be left out in growing you’re your brand and saving time and money. Get ahead of your brand competitors. I recommend the above Pinterest bots because anyone can sue them.

It really is great to know about this because it saves you TIME in boosting your Pinterest. Click here if you want to know more about PINTEREST BOTS.