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TailwindApp is the tool of my choice when it comes to scheduling my Pinterest pins, in this TailWindApp review I would show you why its best to use Tailwindapp for your Pinterest scheduling tasks. Tailwindapp tribes are the best feature out there in any of the Pinterest automation tools around.

What is TailWindApp?

Tailwindapp is a rising star in the social network’s scheduling, specifically Pinterest scheduling, it gives you Complete Automation of your pins for Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwindapp is trying to be an all in one solution for all posting needs. they have branded the Tailwind tribes as the new organic way to grow Pinterest accounts, and if you know what telegram did to Instagram, they are doing the same for Pinterest.

The main focus of this Pinterest app is growing your audience reach organically using the Tailwind tribes and a full automation of your Pinterest pins. With Tailwindapp it’s possible to make the job of a small marketing team, pinning content for over 1 month at a time, with 1-hour work.

Main Features

Pinterest Share Pins – Keep your Pinterest profiles active, engaging and interesting. Automatically share pins/photos to your Pinterest accounts directly from your computer; Schedule pin sharing; Limit pin sharing.

Pinterest Search Pins – Search pin base on the keywords you input and easily repin.
Pinterest Content Creation – easily find shareable content on the tailwindapp tribes feature.

Tailwindapp Tribes – share and be shared by Pinterest users with a similar audience to yours.

Additional Features

Tailwindapp has also an easy integration with Instagram and FB, for that reason, you can share content between all of your accounts.

Tailwindapp Free Trial

The Tailwindapp free trial is for 100 Scheduled pins and allows you to use the Pinterest automation tool for free.
after 100 pins you can choose the pricing plan best fitting for you between the starter pack for 9.95$ with only 1 Pinterest account, the professional version is 799.95$ and unless you have an agency, I wouldn’t advise you to go with that type of account.

I believe this 100 pins trial is enough to test Tailwindapp and understand if it fits you.

Is Tailwindapp Safe? Is Tailwindapp a Scam?

Tailwindapp is not a scam, I’ve been using Tailwind for over 4 months now with amazing results that worth every penny I paid them.
It is safe, I’ve never encountered any issues while using multiple tailwind app accounts on both Pinterest, and Instagram.

TailwindApp Tribes Reviews

“Great for optimizing the business use of Pinterest!”

What do you like best?

The only way for me to stay on top of my social media content for my business is to have it scheduled out in advance. Tailspin lets me set times for my pins to automatically update so that I can keep an active presence throughout the week while only having to dedicate one day to creating & scheduling content.

What do you dislike?

My least favorite thing is that to access the analytics about when your audience is most engaged, you have to upgrade to the paid version. I get that most of these businesses have a paid subscription option to get access more tools, but that seems like a pretty basic feature that most social media managing apps/programs include in the basic version.

Recommendations for others considering the product

It’s a great basic scheduling tool for Pinterest content, which is a huge help for anyone trying to drive traffic to a website or blog. The analytics in the free version leaves a lot to be desired, so if you really want a lot of data on your traffic you’ll probably want to upgrade to the paid version.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Samantha Tailwindapp Tribes review
Samantha Tailwindapp Tribes review

Tailwind has been huge for letting me schedule all of my Pinterest posts for the week all on one day so that I can devote time and energy to that on one day, then set & forget for the rest of the week. It also has some great analytics so that I can monitor what content is getting engagement.

Samantha L

“Tailwind took my social media game to new levels and saves me hours and hours each week”

What do you like best?

My favourite part of using Tailwind is the ability to use it on multiple devices, no matter where I am, to do my scheduling, for multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – because they are all linked together seamlessly) – whether I am at home on my desktop, late at night on my tablet, or waiting for an appointment on my iPhone – I can spend a few minutes scheduling posts whenever and wherever it’s convenient for me.

What do you dislike?

I can’t particularly think of anything I dislike about the Tailwindapp, it’s more that it’s difficult to plan content that fits within the guidelines of all four platforms – the character restriction in Twitter versus the image sizing in Instagram vs the infographic guidelines in Pinterest and so on.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Tailwind is the biggest timesaver in my business today. I couldn’t write a blog and run a business without it. The amount of time it saves me is incredible. It is so easy to use and learn and integrates so seamlessly with other social media channels that once it’s set up you can almost put everything on auto. You will spend a couple of hours doing what you once spend days!

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I am solving the issue of time and scheduling. The benefit for me is freeing up my schedule for other things. I no longer have to spend hours and hours creating content, posting it, sharing it, tweeting it, uploading it to Facebook, turning it into a separate Instagram post, then pinning it to Pinterest, and repeating the process 20 or 30 times a day.

Donna W Tailwindapp Tribes review
Donna W Tailwindapp Tribes review

Nevermind connecting with other people on all these channels. With Tailwind I get to socialize on my schedule. Spend a bit of time when it’s convenient for me scheduling posts for the week or weeks in advance, knowing that they will happen on time without me having to worry about them. therefor I can focus on building my following on each channel, tweet about other things, follow accounts that will build my following etc.

Donna W.

In Conclusion

Tailwind App is by far the best Pinterest scheduler out there for Pinterest, you should definitely give it a try if you look to automate your Pinterest needs.

I give Tailwindapp a 4-star review since their social network support is still in its start, but I expect it to improve in the future.

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